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Don’t send clients elsewhere, keep them with you.

In our work in partnership through the years with financial professionals, we’ve noticed that the advisors that offer more resources under one roof can increase their client retention and satisfaction. If you want to expand beyond portfolio management and insurance to add a few more financial services and resources that people want and need, we can help make it easy for you.


We provide seamless access to Medicare professionals licensed in all 50 states so that you can provide your clients with the Medicare plans that best suit them—from their doctors and other providers, to their prescriptions, to finding the most economical premium costs.

Our Medicare BackOffice service supports you. By providing Medicare insurance, you give your clients a reason to contact you during each annual enrollment period keeping the lines of communication open and the relationship strong. Don’t send your clients away to other advisors or agents who may start competing with you in the future.


Everyone should have estate planning documents in place, no matter how simple or small their estate is. As a financial advisor, you probably find it surprising how often clients don’t have the documents they need, or that their existing estate documents are out-of-date. Quantum makes it easy for you to provide estate planning help to your clients who don’t have attorneys but need to create estate planning documents for straightforward situations. (Visit our Advanced Planning page for those with more complex situations.)

Now your clients can create their own state-specific estate plan online in minutes, allowing them to access this service directly from your website. Through step-by-step questions, Quantum’s new estate planning partner helps your clients create customized estate planning documents to help safeguard their accumulated assets and property and pass them to heirs efficiently. All of the documents are valid in all 50 states, designed and vetted by attorneys with decades of estate planning experience.