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Financial advisors often ask us how to develop a podcast and whether or not it’s a good idea to start one.


Podcasting makes sense provided you understand how to use it properly to elevate your marketing. Unlike a radio show where we leverage the station’s existing audience, with podcasting we need to develop an audience organically. It’s often best to start with your warm market of clients and prospects. Here are just some of the ways podcasts can contribute to your marketing outreach efforts.


NOTE: Keep in mind that when you produce a broadcast radio show, all the past recordings of your shows can become a sort of mini podcast available on your website.


Developing Authority

Podcasts offer a platform for financial advisors to showcase their knowledge and expertise. By hosting a podcast, advisors can provide valuable insights, advice, and tips on various financial topics, demonstrating their authority and building credibility within the industry.


Relationship Building

Podcasts allow financial advisors to connect with their audience on a personal level. Through the medium of audio, advisors can establish a conversational and relatable tone, fostering a sense of trust and building strong relationships with listeners.


Content Marketing

Podcasts serve as an excellent medium for content marketing. A simple place to start, when it comes to developing content, is to answer the questions your best clients always ask you. Because the goal in business development is to duplicate your best clients, it makes sense to speak their language.


Centers of Influence

Inviting industry experts, economists, or other influential figures as guests on the podcast can enhance its appeal and provide diverse perspectives. These interviews can attract a wider audience, increase credibility, and expand the network of the financial advisor.


Brand Awareness

Podcasts enable financial advisors to increase their brand visibility. By incorporating their brand name, logo, and website information in the podcast introduction and conclusion, advisors can promote their services and drive traffic to their website.



Collaborating with other podcasters or influencers in related fields can help financial advisors reach a broader audience. By participating in guest appearances on other podcasts or featuring guest podcasters on their own show, advisors can tap into each other’s networks and expand their reach.


Lead Generation

Including a call-to-action in each podcast episode is crucial for marketing purposes. Advisors can encourage listeners to subscribe to their newsletter, visit their website, book a consultation, or follow them on social media platforms.


Podcasts are still extremely popular, and listenership is still growing. Offering financial advisors a powerful marketing tool to showcase their expertise, podcasts have the potential to build relationships, provide value and increase brand awareness. By leveraging the unique benefits of this medium, advisors can effectively reach and engage with their target audience, establishing themselves as trusted authorities in the financial industry.



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