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From all of us at Quantum, we hope you and your families had a wonderful holiday season. The hustle and bustle of the holidays has left us as quickly as it came; there is no better time than now to set goals for the start of the new decade.


Goal setting can be a daunting task, and there is more to it than just reflecting on what worked last year and what needs improvement. Here are some examples of the goals we hear from the advisors we work with:


  • I want to double my business over the next year.
  • I want to add a new lead funnel.
  • I want to do less paperwork and build infrastructure without adding costs.

Quantum helps you not only solidify your goals, but helps you implement the steps needed to attain success. Start thinking about what your objectives are, because there is no limit to the accomplishments you can achieve as we start fresh in 2020.


A Harvard Business study conducted over a span of a decade confirms just how important goal setting can be. The study found that 3% of MBA graduates who had written down both their goals and a definite plan to reach them ended up earning 10 times more than the other 97% of their classmates just 10 years after graduation.


Furthermore, 69% of high performing companies rank communicating business goals company-wide as the most effective and significant method of building a high-performance team. The same study also suggests that 30% of your capacity and performance potential is wasted when you don’t focus on your goal.


Simply by having a plan for optimal achievement, you can raise the odds of success by up to 90%. Where do you see yourself in 2021? Or in 2030? Move with intention, and visualize your ideal future.


Quantum understands the importance of goal setting, and we are here to streamline this task to help you achieve successful results. Here are some of our best practices when it comes to setting goals, along with our goal-setting template.



1)  Keep it Simple.

Put together a list of three to five goals maximum. Do not overwhelm yourself with too many goals. As you accomplish one, you can remove it from the list and replace it with another goal.

2)  Personal and Professional.

Make sure you are adding goals for your personal life as well as your business. These two areas tend to go hand in hand, so if you are feeling unsuccessful in one area it will likely have an effect on the other.

3)  Action Items.

For each goal, list out at least three action items that need to take place in order to turn that goal into reality.

4)  Set Deadlines.

Once you have action items for each of your goals, go back and create attainable and realistic deadlines for each task. You should not have a goal that is already 75% completed, or one that isn’t going to be completed until 2025.

5)  Accountability.

Show these goals to people who will hold you accountable, such as staff members, your family, and Quantum. When we are held responsible for our actions, we are much more likely to accomplish what we set forth to achieve.


Goal Setting Template



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