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“You’ve got a cool website…NOW WHAT?”


You’ve laid the foundation for your firm’s digital presence with an impressive website that showcases your expertise and your specialties. So what can you do to ensure your website is more than just an on-line brochure? And how can you get more people to visit it and be exposed to your message?


  1. Use Email To Invite Website Visitors

Send out an email to your entire database inviting them to visit your new website, bookmark it, and give you their feedback. In addition to introducing the website and gaining visits, if there is something missing on your site, this is a great way to find out and improve it.


  1. Use Links In Your Email Signatures

Create a branded email signature used by everyone in your firm, which includes a link to your website as well as links to your social media sites. This makes it easy for your clients and prospects to click and visit your digital properties, and provides a subtle reminder in your day-to-day interactions with them. (Of course, make sure your web address is also on all your printed materials.)


  1. Make Continuous Updates

Make sure your website is always up-to-date, because people rely on the information to be accurate. If you hold events, remember to put them on your website well in advance. (And don’t forget to include how your visitors can sign up to attend.) Your website is your opportunity to showcase everything you’re doing. Don’t leave it empty, put it to work for your business.


  1. Add New Content

Adding new pages and/or blog posts is critical to ranking in search. No one knows exactly how Google’s indexing algorithms work, but experts have determined that after your site is indexed for the first time, the robots come back less and less frequently if you don’t post something new on a regular basis.


In other words, if your site is static, Google determines that you are less important than other websites providing fresh content. Each website starts to gain (or never gains) what is called “domain authority” based on its original, deep, new content, as well as links, social activity, and other ranking factors. The average blog post today is 1,000+ words.


  1. Get Social

Social media accounts allow the opportunity to link back to your website; make sure you have added your website URL in the “About” area of each social media account. And as an ongoing best practice, be sure to post new content or blog post links on your social media sites’ newsfeeds too, encouraging people to share your post with others. (If it’s an interesting topic, they will be more likely to do so.)


Keep in mind that you may want to “boost” these sorts of posts every so often. Research on Facebook algorithms shows that less than 2% of business page posts appear in their fans’ newsfeeds organically. Spending a little money to boost is advised only if you are driving people back to your website—on Facebook you can target people in your area within as narrow as a 15-mile radius, and you can target by age, gender and interests.



The strategic marketing team at Quantum can help you use digital marketing to attract new clients and strengthen your relationship with current ones. As part of our strategic marketing planning, we provide expertise and complimentary, value-add services—including custom website design, content and development—for our select advisor partners.


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