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Advisor HQ is Quantum’s exclusive online business platform that provides 24-hour access to your pending and completed business, from the convenience of your mobile device. Streamline your operations by tracking service requests, production and pending business all on a single platform.









Features of Advisor HQ:


  • Request an illustration
    • Submit an illustration request for annuity and life insurance online and track their status in the portal. This feature saves you time by providing you with the information you need more efficiently. Illustration requests submitted in the morning are available by the end of the same business day [modified to encompass all team turnaround times].


  • Text message notifications
    • Instead of congesting your inbox with even more emails, receive text message notifications directly to your mobile phone with updates about your business. We have not turned off email notifications to reps at this time. You will still continue to get emails, even with a text notification.


  • Check status of pending business in real-time
    • The information on Advisor HQ is updated every hour, which means you will always have the latest information regarding your business – right at your fingertips. Check the status of pending business, paid business, and track service requests.


  • Multiview options
    • There are multiple user-friendly options for viewing information within the portal. In addition to your own personal business, you have the option to track your agents’ production.




Click here to sign up for Advisor HQ and access your business at any time, from anywhere. If you would like a tour of the portal, call the office and we can walk you through the different features via webinar. There is also a user guide that can be helpful when learning how to navigate through the Advisor HQ portal.


For any questions you may have, please call your relationship manager at 800.440.1088.






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