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Our creative marketing team works as an extension of your firm.


As a quick reminder to all of our advisor partners, Quantum offers exclusive support that can help you stand out and take your firm to the next level. We provide financial advisory firms with a comprehensive approach to strategic marketing, helping advisors execute their vision and achieve their professional goals.


We take pride in being different than other firms in our space in two very important ways:


First, we create a custom approach that fits you, you won’t get cookie-cutter solutions.


Then, we help you implement those recommendations and bring your vision to life.





Other firms similar to ours may make big promises, but we pride ourself on delivering. Acting as an extension of your team, we provide assistance in areas such as:




In such a saturated market, we help you find what makes you remarkable and what makes you stand out from other advisors. We know you’re special, and our custom branding is unique to your firm and your vision. Starting with your approach and your work ethic and ending with visuals that represent what you stand for, we can help you mold your brand to your ideal client, drawing eyes and ears to your individuality.




You’re so much more than just an advisor who meets with clients and implements a plan. You’re an educator and a trusted source of information for individuals, families and business owners who put their faith in you. Our content creators can help you find your voice and give your clients the tools to reach their financial goals, no matter how lofty they may be. From blog posts to whitepapers to messaging and more, we’re here to help you become a trusted outlet with expertise and credibility in your field.


Graphic Design


At Quantum, we know that sometimes it is about looks, which is why our graphic designers help you find a look and a style that matches your persona and your goals. With support for your logos, flyers, printed materials, branded giveaways, marketing handouts and more, we can help you stand out visually with professional and creative designs that exemplify your commitment to your clients. Your business is your brand, and everything you distribute should look polished and professional.


Website Design and Development


Your website is where your business lives in the minds of consumers, they expect you to be there, and they expect your website to be current and accurate. An inviting website can be a great way to attract clients, secure leads and book appointments. We build custom websites from scratch, gathering information about you and your approach to assemble content that fits you. Then, we bring it to life with great design and visual appeal. We also offer maintenance, consistently keeping your site up to date with the latest insights into the financial world and information about your firm (which also helps with SEO).


Email Drip Campaigns


Email drip campaigns still deliver one of the highest ROIs of all strategic marketing tactics out there. Whether you’re looking to keep clients in the loop on the latest happenings at your practice, draw in new clients with fresh opinions and visuals, offer an exclusive service, promote your latest event, or simply say happy birthday, we can help. With content writers who can put the right words in your mouth and designers who can bring those words to life, Quantum can help you craft email campaigns that stand out in even the most crowded inbox.


Social Media


Social media can be an effective way for advisors share information quickly. And remember, both clients and prospects expect to search and find your firm there even if you don’t personally enjoy social media. We can support you by building and updating your branded social media business pages and seamlessly posting current content on your pages so that you don’t have to hire additional staff.




Video gives audiences digestible content that is easy to replay and revisit, and can give prospects a great introduction before they have met you face-to-face. Whether it’s animated videos that help your clients understand difficult financial concepts, or stepping into our state-of-the-art studio to record on-camera with all of the latest equipment, we’ve got your video needs covered as part of your partnership. Creating video content is an easy way to connect with both prospective and current clients, and an exclusive partnership with Quantum can help you do it in a way that spreads the word and establishes credibility.


Public Relations


One of the best ways to establish credibility is to leverage publicity. Luckily, Quantum can help you garner publication placements in some of the nation’s most reputable financial magazines. Publicity can elevate you and your brand to a national level, and we make sure let your prospects and clients know that you are a sought-after, industry thought leader. For example, your brand messaging will include “As seen on US News, Forbes, Wall Street Journal and Kiplinger, etc.”


Leads / Client Acquisition


Last but certainly not least, Quantum offers you vetted, turnkey ways to uncover new, qualified clients using our proven programs. Whether through leveraging radio / podcasts, live or webinar educational events, client referral processes, appointment setting in vertical markets, direct mail or multimedia campaigns, we provide you with many programs and opportunities to meet new clients, always focusing on what’s working now. Our expertise comes in matching your unique strengths with a program that attracts your ideal client.



If you’re ready to learn how your firm can take the next step with Quantum’s strategic marketing and creative support, contact your Quantum representative today, or call 800.440.1088.