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When it comes to addressing your clients’ needs for guaranteed retirement income, you don’t have to go it alone.


The sheer amount of retirement risk management products on the market today, their complexity, and your fiduciary duty in the recommendations you make require a dedicated team of operations and case-design specialists.


As an advisor, you don’t always have the time to research the more than 400 fixed indexed annuities (FIAs) on the market today. But you want to know when you make a product recommendation that it’s going to perform like you indicated to the client.


That’s where we come in. Our partnership is designed specifically so that you can “lean on” our advanced planning and case-design team to assist in finding strategies and options based on your clients’ needs. You don’t have to build out the infrastructure to manage the research.


What’s more, the foundation of our selection process is our team’s commitment to providing you with personalized product education. This way you’re armed with the knowledge to clearly communicate the features and benefits of what you’re proposing to your clients.


Our Selection Process


As always, the first place to start is an assessment of each of your client’s goals and objectives. What are the client’s planning needs? Through our conversations with you we want to know several important pieces of information.


For some, the main goal will be guaranteed income as a “bridge” or addition to other sources of income from Social Security, IRAs, a pension or other tax-qualified accounts. From the range of available products, we can discover what options fits with this client’s need for safe and secure income.


For others, perhaps someone who is younger with a bit more time in the accumulation phase, the goals and objectives may be different. Is there a low-fee strategy for this client that includes a death benefit for family protection, an income rider (if needed), or a long-term care component?


Still other clients already may have accumulated a significant amount of assets for retirement income. But do they need diversification, protection from market volatility, or an alternative to other fixed-return investments?


This is just a big picture overview. As we go through this process with you and discover more about your planning with the client, we want to know what, if any special circumstances were uncovered. Is there a need for spousal coverage? Does the family have any other special needs? What about strategies for required minimum distributions (RMDs), or legacy planning?


Tools We Offer


The options our team present to you go beyond a simplified look at bonus structures, income roll-up rates, and fees. We provide you with a range of choices from proprietary software that is updated weekly, so you have the time to focus on what truly matters to your clients.


In addition, with the explosion in the creation, development and availability of more indexing options, it’s important you have research-based tools that can help evaluate the field. Our team has access to information on what indexing strategies might fit with your clients’ objectives – whether it’s diversification, volatility controlled, sector-specific, or thematic strategies (like value and momentum, high dividend, or behavioral finance).


Once your client’s application is moving through the processing pipeline, we send you the income spreadsheets used during the research and selection process for your records. This can help you demonstrate why some products – and the one you and your client ultimately picked – were recommended over others.


Think of Quantum as an extension of your firm when you want to match your client’s needs with solutions that can best address their goals. Our team is here to provide education and product training on carrier-specific features and benefits whenever you need it.


Let us know how we can help!



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