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Have you typed the keyword phrase “financial advisor” into the Google search bar lately?


If not, here’s how it looks these days thanks to a new advertising opportunity:


Look at those financial advisors and financial planners there at the top!


These new listings are paid ads that not only offer you the chance to rank at the top of the Google search engine for the most coveted term in our industry, but the ads are sold as a lead generation tool.


Here’s how it works.


1) It All Starts With Your Google Local “My Business” Listing


Do you have a listing on Google Local’s “My Business” or on “Google Maps?” (They are the same now.) Once you create a listing, it appears to the right of the screen when you search for your company name.


Here’s how Quantum’s local business account looks (on the right below):


2) Create a Listing on Google


If you don’t have a listing, create one here: The listing is free. If you are one of our financial advisor partners, we can help you with this.


NOTE: Check with your compliance department first to make sure they don’t have any issues you need to address first, and that all your processes, systems, policies and required disclosures are in place at your firm and on your website.


You will link to your website from your Google local listing, and will input your street address and phone number. You will also choose what industry you work in—you can choose more than one—financial planner, financial consultant, investment service, etc. You can also upload photos—like your professional headshot, your logo, your building, your staff and more.


3) Call Google to Get Started Advertising


Once you have your Google business listing all set up and verified, you are ready to start an ad campaign. You only pay for results—leads or clicks on your ad.


Google ad specialists are available Mon-Fri, from 6am-5pm Pacific Time at 833-272-1444.


You can learn more and contact Google at this link:


4) Consider Getting Screened


We recommend that you go through the process of getting a GOOGLE SCREENED badge, which is used for services like law firms and financial advisors. This process is the extra step that can help consumers feel that you are more legitimate and trustworthy than your competitors who haven’t done so.

This article is for information purposes only and is provided as a service to you. We are not affiliated with Google and we cannot run these ads for you—you must run the campaigns yourself from your own local business account.