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Virtual Resources


Chances are, your clients and prospects, especially older ones, are leery about leaving their homes and are still practicing social distancing.


But they need you now more than ever. You can help ease their minds about the market turmoil and guide them through the ups and down of the pandemic by offering virtual solutions.


If you are currently looking for virtual meeting options, one place to start is to ask them what interface they are most comfortable using. Then get set up with multiple methods to meet their preferences.


Here are some cost-efficient options to consider:


Not so tech-savvy? No problem. At Quantum, we’re here to walk you through, step-by-step, how to setup your virtual meeting solution.


Tips for Effective Virtual Meetings1


  1. Make sure everyone has the same technology downloaded. Do a dry run if necessary or set up extra time for you or your staff to make sure you and clients’ technology are both working and are working together.
  2. A PowerPoint can be critical—start the meeting with a clear agenda.
  3. Keep your meeting from 15 to 30 minutes long.
  4. Empathy is imperative—these are unprecedented times. Frame your meeting with an opening statement (less than 90 seconds) that combines current reality and empathy, and close on the same note.
  5. Email a summary within 30 minutes of the meeting.



Virtual Prospecting


Your new business development doesn’t have to come to a halt just because people are staying home. We provide turnkey solutions to help keep your marketing funnel full and develop new, qualified potential clients who understand your approach to wealth management and protecting principal.


Nearly all of our event partners have rolled out webinar programs to take the place of live events. These are easy on the advisor because the provided browser platforms eliminate the need to download third party software, and the social media promotion allows a quick, lower-cost startup compared to direct mail. We expect many of these programs to continue long after we return to normal social life in America.


We have many options to choose from, including pre-screened, guaranteed one-on-one appointments. Additionally, right now our advisors’ branded radio shows are extremely popular. Learn more about them here:


Contact your Quantum consultant for more information or for links to our webinars/podcasts about your client acquisition program options.


Virtual Sales – Insurance Carriers Are Helping


Most of our insurance carriers have set up e-Application and/or e-Signature solutions so that you can easily continue to write business in this new virtual environment. At Quantum, we are available to design cases and run illustrations, provide product feature comparisons, and help you with insurance carrier compliance by serving as your streamlined operations back office team.


We remain open during regular business hours—call us at 800.440.1088.