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When it comes to working sales leads as a financial advisor, your conversion process will determine your success or failure.


It’s not uncommon for advisors to blame the quality or volume of their leads when they haven’t been successful. But it’s curious. Because certain advisors who are working with the same lead providers, getting the same quality of leads, as well as the same number of them, are somehow always outperforming other advisors in their area.


The reason? Their process.


“Never let a good crisis go to waste.” -Winston Churchill


It’s safe to say that the pandemic has forced people to dramatically change their behavior. They are at home, online more and searching for answers. This is a golden opportunity for advisors who understand how to reach prospects and connect with them. Understand that these folks are not buying a product or strategy, they are buying you. They are buying your competency—they want to know “who” you are. They want to relate to “why” you do what you do, “how” you got here, “what” you believe in, what you’re passionate about, and what you do for other clients just like them.


These messages need to be a part of every step in your sales cycle.


Who are you?


Whatever method you use to develop leads, the quality of your digital brand and footprint is crucial now. This is where your prospects will go first to check you out. Is your website easy to find when prospects search for you online? Is the messaging consistent on all levels?


Other than your list of services, your website needs to show why you are different than your competitors, who you work best with and what end-result is expected for your clients.


As marketers we can see when a prospect responds to campaign and schedules an appointment. Unfortunately, we can’t tell when a prospect responds to a campaign then doesn’t take the next step because what they found online about you didn’t impress them. One way to be different is to develop your planning process and brand it. Give it a name that sets you apart and let the world know about it.


Get emotional


Now that virtual appointments are becoming more common the challenge is how to connect with a prospect when you are not face to face. This is where listening more and talking less can make a big difference. These prospects want to trust you and feel like you understand their unique situation. In the first meeting listen and ask good questions that lead to an emotional response.


These questions may include:


  • What are your top priorities now?
  • What’s holding you back from meeting your goals?
  • What is the outcome you are looking for in these decisions?


Good follow up questions are:


  • What’s an example of that?
  • Can you be a little more specific about that?
  • How did that affect your family?
  • How did it make you feel?
  • What have you done since then to keep it from happening again?
  • How do these decisions typically take place?
  • How would you feel if we fixed that problem?


If you are an advisor reading this you already know how to close business. When you have virtual meetings you just need to adjust your process a little to make a connection. The important word here is “process.” If you don’t have a deliberate, repeatable conversion process, get one. It may take time to develop but it will be well worth it in the long run.