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Advisors provide value to clients on different levels. Recent research from Morningstar suggests a gap between what clients say they value from their advisors and what advisors believe their clients value.


“The industry consensus on why financial advice is valuable is different than it used to be. While an adviser’s worth used to be simply based on the adviser’s ability to beat a benchmark, it’s now understood that an adviser’s value is far better measured by the impact that their services can have on clients’ financial outcomes.”



Clients put reaching their financial goals at the top


While many advisors’ marketing tends to focus on holistic planning and other services, a better message should be more about understanding your client’s goals and how you achieve them. This goes back to how we view brand messaging. To differentiate yourself make your clients the focus of your marketing message. Who you work with, what you do for them and what that means for them. This also applies to conversations with your clients and prospects.


“The most important insight from this study is that we are like a car in our client’s financial world. The most important thing we have to do is get them safely from point A to point B. Alpha, Gamma, and Sigma are some of the things that make the engine run, get us better gas mileage, tell us which way to go, and make sure we don’t crash. Are they important to have? Of course! Do we need to explain the technical details of how they work? Of course not!”