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At Quantum, we help advisors position their firms and articulate their value to clients on a daily basis. We created this video to help you learn how to communicate retirement planning services in a way that’s easy for consumers to understand.


It goes something like this.


The accumulation phase of life is much different than the distribution phase of life. Accumulation is the time when your clients are working and putting away retirement funds. Then they reach their retirement age, and distribution begins. Now money is systematically taken out of savings for daily retirement living expenses.


The Dangerous Descent


The analogy can be made that accumulation is like climbing Mount Everest, reaching the summit is like reaching retirement age, and distribution is like climbing down. According to Scientific American, only 15% of the deaths that occur on Mount Everest occur during the ascent—it’s actually a common rule in mountain climbing that more people die coming down than going up!


Like the dangers inherent in climbing down a mountain, the dangers in retirement include sequence of returns and longevity risk, both of which can cause your clients to run out of retirement money prematurely, which is a big fear for a lot of retirees. They need retirement planning help.


Please watch this video and let us know if you’d like our help in implementing your firm’s retirement planning value proposition to your clients and potential clients. You can reach us at 800.440.1088.


Download your fillable graphic here!