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Love is in the air! This Valentine’s Day, bring more love to your clients by offering them something above and beyond their investments. “Financial Advisor Ally” is the ultimate behavioral finance approach that matches your clients with their specific 5 Money Personalities to help guide their investment decisions.


This program is designed to help your married clients solve their financial differences by discovering and understanding their inclinations towards money. For example, if Linda likes to save money, but Steve is a spender, problems and disagreements could arise. Knowing the psychology behind their money tendencies can help your clients better understand their decisions. At the same time, it provides you – the advisor – with the opportunity to guide them towards financial choices that appeal and satisfy each of their individual money personalities.


You’ve probably heard of the 5 Love Languages – Touch, Words, Gifts, Service and Time. Think of these money personalities as the 5 Money Languages. This innovative program can help you:


  • Set yourself apart and connect in a way that speaks to your client’s individual financial tendencies
  • Acquire and retain clients with a scripted seminar, prospecting tools, radio topics and lead generation tools
  • Provide a value add that is enjoyable and interesting for both you and your clients


Contact your Quantum consultant at 800.440.1088 to find out how to integrate The 5 Money Personalities program, “Financial Advisor Ally,” into your business. 







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