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We bring you national as well as innovative limited distribution products.


If you are unfamiliar with all the ways that Quantum helps our financial advisor partners around the nation, here is a video by Jim Maschek, Partner and President of Distribution at Quantum, that explains one of our firm’s pillars: Product Innovation.


Watch this short 2:09 video:



We provide our independent financial advisor partners with:


  • Client-centric annuity and life insurance products to help solve client problems


  • Products that emphasize guarantees,* potential growth, and protection from market risk


  • All the major national products as well as innovative limited distribution products from Annexus, Innovation Design Group and Market Synergy Group


  • Patented products as well as innovative stock market indexes: Annexus holds 17 patents out of 18 for our industry


  • Not just backcasting, but forecasting on projected performance


  • Proprietary software to help you compare and present efficient case designs


Call us today at 800.440.1088 and let’s get started with your visit to our offices in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona.


*Guarantees are backed by the financial strength and claims-paying ability of the insurance company issuing the annuity or life insurance contract.