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Radio is Red Hot


At Quantum, we have access to nearly every lead generation program the marketplace has to offer. As consultants, we’re careful to only recommend strategies that have proven to be successful and that fit an advisor’s style and process.


At the moment, one strategy seems to stand out from the rest. That strategy is radio.


To be clear, we aren’t talking about radio commercials, but instead, hosting your own radio show. During the pandemic and beyond, our radio shows have not only survived but actually thrived in what was a very challenging time for consumers and financial advisory firms trying to reach them.


Why Radio Works


Financial services is still a relationship business. By that, I mean your best clients work with you because of who you are, not just what you do. Once you develop trust and credibility everything else gets easier.


Radio works in three very important ways: it elevates your brand at the local level and increases your “authority” in the market. Radio drives business directly from the show, and then, once you develop traction you can promote live events from your show. These events aren’t traditional seminars but more like a celebrity appearance to an audience that already knows you and wants to see you in person before they reach out to talk with you.


Process and Cost


At Quantum we find the right station in your market, supply radio show notes, supply a co-host, and handle all the recording, post-production and distribution. We also leverage your show as a podcast to distribute to your database and social media. The monthly cost, depending on the market and station, is often similar to or less than hosting a monthly seminar. Instead of doing a presentation for 25 people in a room you could be talking to hundreds, even thousands of listeners.


2022 Case Studies


1)  Seattle, WA


Before Radio

  • 15-20 leads per month/$7MM in annual annuity premium


After Radio

  • 2020 = 56 inbound leads/month (666 total) $29M Annuity
  • 2021 = 82 inbound leads/month (978 total) $35M Annuity
  • 2022 = 116 inbound leads/month (1400 total) $45M Annuity
  • 2022 = $328M Total AUM to date


2) Chicago, IL


Before Radio

  • As of Nov 2021 – AUM $10M/Annuity $3M-$4M Annually


After Radio

  • Nov 2021 to Present – AUM $35M/Annuity $10M Annually/Life $2M in 2022


3) Phoenix, AZ


Before Radio

  • 2022 January-June – Annuity $1.7M


After Radio

  • July 2022 to Present – Annuity $11M



As you can see from the case studies above, radio can be a valuable tool in enhancing your brand and growing your business. To learn more, reach out to your Quantum consultant at 800.440.1088.