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It is common knowledge these days that video can support your marketing efforts in a number of ways. It can increase your search engine rankings and the amount of time people spend on your website. Research also shows that video is shared 12 times more on social media than written content. Now comes the hard part; how to develop a purposeful strategy that incorporates video into client communication and prospecting?


Who is Your Audience?


It’s not uncommon for advisors to find themselves creating videos just for the sake of doing videos. A truly effective strategy starts with identifying your audience, determining the goal and where the video will be viewed. You need to get this right or you are just creating more noise. An example of getting it wrong is hosting an animated, explainer video talking about the difference between “accumulation” and “distribution” on the homepage of your website. Since studies show that 90% of your website traffic will be to the homepage and about us page, this is where a video talking about who you are, why you do what you do, who you work with and what you do for them needs to be. This is where you want to introduce yourself to them as quickly and efficiently as possible. See an example here.


Client Messaging


I’m sure at some point, when there’s been a market pull back, you found yourself in a position wanting to reach out to your clients but calling all of them doesn’t make sense. Sure, you could send a traditional email but, what if you recorded a quick video from your desk providing education on the situation and how you are handling it for them. This doesn’t need to be highly produced. You could simply do it on your phone using an inexpensive video email platform like BombBomb and send them something unique and memorable.


At Quantum we use video in a number of marketing and prospecting strategies and we produce it all in-house. If you would like to learn how to use video in your practice, reach out to your Quantum consultant today.