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At Quantum, we’ve developed and currently manage 22 radio shows in different markets for our financial advisor partners around the country. These shows elevate advisor credibility, generate qualified prospects, and can be used to promote live events to a warm audience.


As the director of client acquisition here at Quantum, I’m often asked, “Do people still listen to radio?” The data speaks for itself. The latest IPSOS research for 2023 tells us that 79.4% of all adults listen to radio on a daily basis. Weekly listening is an amazing 90.9% of the population.


More importantly, is radio effective? As we reported last year: Radio was red hot in 2022. More recently, we put together newer data showing that our advisors are increasingly gaining ground using radio:

New Option In Addition to Hosting: Radio Endorsements


Though hosting your own radio show has proven to be very successful, we recognize that it may not be a fit for everyone; some people are simply uncomfortable being on-air. That’s why we have begun offering radio endorsements. Endorsements are where we hire well-known radio personalities to tell your story for you. Radio endorsements can significantly benefit financial advisors by enhancing their credibility, expanding their reach, and creating a personal connection with the endorser’s established target audience. The power of radio as a medium lies in its ability to engage listeners through storytelling, expert opinions, and relatable content. When financial advisors leverage radio endorsements effectively, they can tap into these advantages to build a stronger client base and enhance their reputation in the industry.


Leveraging a Trusted Radio Personality


  • Credibility

Credibility is a cornerstone of success for financial advisors. When a respected radio personality endorses a financial advisor, it lends an air of legitimacy to their services. Listeners often trust the recommendations of radio hosts and experts, which can translate into trust for the endorsed financial advisor. The endorsement serves as a stamp of approval, suggesting that the advisor’s expertise is endorsed by someone well-regarded in the media. This boost in credibility can make potential clients more inclined to consider the services offered.


  • Wider Audience

Radio endorsements also provide financial advisors with access to a wider audience. Radio stations have dedicated listenership spanning various demographics. By targeting the right station and time slot, financial advisors can reach potential clients who might not have encountered their services through other marketing channels. This broader exposure increases the chances of connecting with individuals seeking financial advice, potentially leading to new clients.


  • Personal Connection

Furthermore, radio endorsements enable financial advisors to establish a personal connection with their audience. Unlike print or digital media, radio allows for the use of tone, emotion, and personality in the delivery of endorsements. Advisors can share their stories, experiences, and insights, fostering a sense of relatability and approachability. This personal touch helps listeners connect with the advisor on a more human level, making them more likely to consider seeking their services for their financial needs.


  • Audience Alignment

To make the most of radio endorsements, financial advisors should carefully choose the radio stations and personalities they collaborate with. The target audience of the radio show should align with the advisor’s ideal client profile. Additionally, advisors should work on crafting engaging and authentic endorsement scripts that communicate their unique value proposition and expertise effectively. Consistency in radio appearances also helps to reinforce brand recognition and credibility over time.



In conclusion, radio endorsements can be a powerful tool for financial advisors to enhance their credibility, expand their reach, and establish a personal connection with their audience. By leveraging the trust that listeners place in radio personalities and experts, financial advisors can position themselves as credible and knowledgeable professionals. The wide reach of radio ensures exposure to a diverse audience, and the personal touch of endorsements enables advisors to connect on a deeper level. With the right strategy, financial advisors can effectively utilize radio endorsements to grow their client base and solidify their position in the competitive financial industry.


If you have any questions about hosting a radio show, or using radio endorsements, please call us at 800.440.1088!