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What’s Up with Live Events


Many of the advisors we work with do live events, either educational workshops or dinner seminars. Events have rebounded nicely since the pandemic has loosened its grip, and many advisors are either getting back into event marketing or considering it for the first time.


Here at Quantum, we’re often asked “What seminar topics are working at the moment to draw in the right prospects?” My answer is, “They all are. It depends on the audience you’re trying to reach.”


Audience Before Content


Briar Goldberg, the director of speaker coaching at TED, says you must ask yourself first, “What gift are you giving your audience?” Goldberg maintains that many presenters “communicate in the wrong direction. Too many of us write our scripts, build our decks or compile our talking points before we think about our audience and what they need or expect to get out of our communication.”


This seems like a simple idea but can easily be forgotten. As an example of a great presentation, Goldberg mentions a TED Talk by sleep expert Matt Walker. (Watch Matt as he quickly persuades his audience that getting enough sleep is the single most important thing they can do with their time.)


Can you imagine a similar strategy persuading your audience that most important thing they can do for their future is comprehensive retirement planning?


Emotional Rescue


Whether you are doing a Social Security workshop at a library or a dinner seminar at a restaurant, it’s a safe bet that more often than not you are in front of a “mixed audience.” By that I mean some are novices and some are DIY’s who may consider themselves to be experts.


In this situation you need to appeal to their emotions. Focus on stories and case studies, highlight your competency and keep it to 45 minutes or less. I know that seems quick, but remember, this is your movie trailer, not the movie. The movie is the appointment and your client experience. To get them there, leave them wanting more. Your audience is much more likely to remember stories than a bunch of facts and figures. Stories create an emotional response and people typically buy on emotion.


For help in developing your story to better connect with your audience, reach out to us at Quantum by calling 800.440.1088.