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Quantum’s client acquisition team works with our advisor partners to secure annuity and advisor leads that match their style and ideal client profile.


Part of Quantum’s strategic marketing efforts includes helping our advisor partners garner new clients, which is often a struggle for any business. Of course, independent advisors, agents and RIAs can try traditional methods of advertising or lead purchase, but too often we’ve seen them find that the ROI isn’t there for our industry.


Many of our advisors need a stream of qualified prospects that can develop into their ideal clients. That’s why at Quantum, we aim to uncover, evaluate and deliver you turnkey client acquisition programs that already work for other advisors just like yourself, and we provide the process, the materials and the coaching to set you up for success.


Pre-Qualified Leads

Prior to ever referring lead generation programs to our advisor partners, Quantum goes through a rigorous vetting process of our own. We never want to point you in the direction of a lead-generation company that wholesales cheap leads of equally cheap quality. When we recommend a program, we do our best to ensure that the lead-generation firm we partner with has a process in place to properly vet and qualify leads before they ever make it to you.


Pre-Set Appointments

As a financial advisor, you may not always have the time to keep up with the administrative tasks that come with your job. Luckily, we offer lead-gen programs in certain vertical markets that can actually book appointments for you, setting them up directly on your calendar without the hassle of back-and-forth calls to reach a prospect to set up a time.


The prospects that show up for pre-set appointments are ready and willing to discuss the financial questions and retirement issues relevant to their particular jobs and benefit packages, which can make these prospects easier to help and to convert into clients. The advisors that benefit from these appointments learn how to specialize in niche markets they may never have considered before.


Assistance with Conversion

We understand that a concern with lead-generation programs is conversion, and failing to convert isn’t always a reflection of your skills. In fact, lead-generation is not dissimilar to baseball where an incredible, almost-unheard-of success rate is three out of ten. That’s why our programs completely set the table for you with pre-qualified leads and pre-set appointments, and we offer assistance with conversion, setting up processes, and working with clients and prospects.


Many of the lead-gen companies we partner with have done extensive research on different demographics, client desires and client needs in general, so they understand what the individual prospects they have provided may be looking for when they walk into your office. They come ready with educational webinars, scripts and other tools that can raise your conversion rates.


Turnkey Programs

Quantum is committed to growing your business without increasing your overhead or operating costs. This means getting you plugged into turnkey programs that are ready to help you succeed and already dovetail with your current approach. Our client acquisition team can help you connect with the lead-generation program that best fits how you conduct business, meaning that you won’t need to adapt and overcome unnecessary obstacles. In fact, we look to eliminate steps and simplify the process of landing clients on the other side of your desk.


Potential Discounts

Though not all of our lead-generation programs offer discounts to you as an advisor partner of Quantum, some do. We actively work to help you leverage relationships we’ve already established as part of our efforts to grow your business. In turn, you may be able to secure a better rate per lead than you would by going directly to an unvetted lead-gen company. Why pay more, or work with a firm that hasn’t been vetted?


Opportunities in New Markets and Demographics

Some of the programs we offer collect data from to unique sections of the market, oftentimes markets that advisors aren’t even aware of. Specifically catering to certain vertical markets—like public employees, teachers, medical care providers and more—can help you focus in on the problems faced by select groups. Additionally, you can work with lead-gen programs that divide leads by factors like age, asset level, geography and more. It’s all part of a carefully orchestrated outreach effort that helps you work with clients you otherwise never would have had the chance to.


If you have any questions about how you can leverage Quantum’s client acquisition programs, please contact us at 800.440.1088.